“We Dare” You to Buy This in the US
Friday, February 25, 2011 at 7:11PM
Scott Howard in Nintendo, Ubisoft, We Dare, Wii

The Wii platform was ridiculed before it’s release as a kid only platform for dated graphics, silly name, unconventional controller, etc, but when it hit, it hit like a train wreck into Sony’s and Microsoft’s bottom lines. Even after a very successful launch with sold out consoles across the globe, people still made fun of the system as “for kids only”, but then there was Wii fit and whole gyms opened up with nothing but Nintendo Wii’s and balance boards in some futuristic digital yoga studio.

(Note this is about the right physical shape for the average Wii user)

Microsoft even had to make a quick 180 and run a whole campaign on “Let’s Play” attempting to re-brand the Xbox as family friendly when they originally billed the system as, ”The beginning of the HD era”. Fast forward and now we see this coming out from Nintendo and all I can say is, (in my best Liz Lemon voice) “What the what?”

Personally I applaud Ubisoft for making such a game and bucking the trend to make yet another motion controller wagging piece of shovel ware, but I am not sure there is a huge market demographic of 20-30+ year old, Wii owners, without kids, who throw dinner parties in miniskirts and ties. Then again, maybe it is a euro only thing, since this game is not coming to the US any time soon.
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