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Blancspot Media - iPad

Role: Creative Director
Contribution: All visual design, UX work and Flash development

Design Challenge: Take the successful Blancspot iPhone experience and bring it to the iPad, taking advantage of the larger screen and existing interaction paradigm of the iPad platform. Created a fully interactive Flash prototype to show off how the iPhone experience would be transfered to this new platform.

PlayMode Experience on iPad

The iPad version of Blancspot takes advantage of the very large screen of the iPad and really makes the Blancspot cinematic experience shine. A large, rich visual world sets Blancspot apart from all other news application running on the iPad.


Reader Mode experience on iPad

ReaderMode on the iPad uses a unique two scrolling column approach that allows users to simultaneously read the news story and see relevant Tweets on the same screen. All of this is overlaid on the image to still keep the user connected with the strong visual the prompted their interaction in the first place.


Sharing via Facebook on iPad

Redesigned the Facebook sharing UX to be inline with standard iPad navigation style taking advantage of modal windows to focus the user on a singular action, but without taking them totally out of context from their previous state.


Blancspot Media - iPhone

Role: Creative Director
Contribution: All visual design and UX work
Awards/Recognitions: iPhone App of the week (Sept 6th - 12th 2010)

Design Challenge: Create a new way of experiencing news on mobile devices, integrating imagery, audio, motion and social networking. Did all concept, design work and would ultimately led the development team that built this iPhone app.

PlayMode Experience on iPhone

This is the signature cinematic experience of the Blancspot app built with a focus on a singular large image animated with a Ken Burns effect, set to contemporary music curated for each news channel. This is the starting point of the experience, automatically dropping the user into a stream of events happening in real-time with information about their friends activity integrated into the headline bar.

Dashboard Experience on iPhone

The Dashboard is the aggregate view of news, displaying all news channels for Blancspot, including the unique personal channels - Suggested, Friend's Activity and My Channel. Each personal channel offers a unique way of individual news consumption. "Suggested" news stories are stories your personal network have specifically recommended to you, "Friend's Activity" is news stories you friends are view currently and "My Channel" is both a personal news browser history, as well as stories set to be read later by the user.


ReaderMode Experience on iPhone

After tapping on the headline bar in PlayMode, the user is taken to ReaderMode to view the news story of interest. Here the user can read, view Tweets related to this event or share via email, Twitter, Facebook or Blancspot's unique 'Suggest' feature.