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Ovi Organizer - Web UI (PC and Mobile Web)

Role: Head of Concept and Design
Contribution: Led a team of Visual and UX designers on this project.

Design Challenge: Ovi Organizer is Nokia’s solution for social and personal planning. It was designed to address the issue, discovered from internal research with IDEO, that only about 3% of users actually use the calendar application on the device, even though nearly all Nokia devices had a native calendar application. The goal was to figure out why user were not taking advantage of the calendar and meet those under served needs.

 Ovi Organizer - Noteboard

In early 2008 IDEO was tasked by Nokia to research how users schedule and organize their personal lives. The research was done in five countries with 20 people providing in-depth access to their lives allowing the researchers to learn a great deal about a these people’s radically different methods of organizing their lives. The main findings are - Plans are often not concrete, people would write down things like, “Go shopping”, or “Try new restaurant”.

Ovi Organizer - IA

 Ovi Organizer - Note Creation

Communication is coordination - what we do and where we do it are often highly influenced by who we communicate with. Lastly, pretty much every person’s calendar/note system involved lot’s of duplication as they moved from written notes to digital communication tools. The solutions for this product covered nearly every Nokia platform, PC Web, Mobile Web, S60 Devices, S40 Devices and the new Linux OS - Maemo.

Ovi Organizer - Mobile Web UI



N-Gage - Device UI Symbian S60

Role: Head of Concept and Design
Contribution: Led a team of UX and visual designers to maintain and update the device UI

Design Challenge: The N-Gage Application was the main experience for the service were a user would spend the vast majority of their time, playing games, finding new games, and chatting with friends.

N-Gage S60 Device UI - Home and Games Tabs

Designed to address the short comings of the original N-Gage Hardware platform and to expand the experience to multiple S60 devices. This would be Nokia’s first move into the service industry, challenging it’s internal system of just building devices. The original design and concept was done by IDEO and handed off to Nokia for development and release. I was brought in at this time to analyze what was implemented vs. what was designed and to prioritize new feature development.

N-Gage S60 Device UI - Profile and Store Tabs

While working on this, we expanded the number of supported devices from 3 to 20 and dramatically, download, purchases and user activity (rating / reviewing games, chatting, playing online.