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For the Love of Gaming (Reset Generation) - Marketing

Role: Producer
Contribution: As Producer on Reset Generation I worked with the Marketing team to create this campaign.

Design Challenge: Reset Generation needed a marketing campaign theme that captured the soul of the product so we created the concept - For the Love of Gaming. This fit perfectly for the unique game that was about games.

Marketing Logo of the Reset Generation Campaign

For this marketing campaign to work we needed to take our low resolution, 8bit pixel inspired art and make it scalable for print and other large format usage. Before we did this though, we had to go through the process of converting our individual concept artist's work, (another marketing story for Reset Generation), into a unified art style of the game.

Sci-Fi Knight Evolution From Concept Art to Unified Game Style

In the above image the amazing work of Christian Gosset is made consistent with the game's own style. This this work would be further refined into 8 bit pixel art and then finally into print ready vector work for marketing needs. 

Sci-Fi Knight Evolution From In-Game Art to Marketing Vector Art

This evolution of styles was how the original design principles were applied and a consistent visual language maintained throughout the design, development and final marketing phase of the product.

Booth and Arcade Cabinet at the PAX Event

Reset Generation would be featured at the PAX Event in Seattle, GDC and other trade shows. The marketing assets would include additional items like an album for 8Bit Weapon and a full function multiplayer Reset Generation arcade cabinet.

Album Cover for 8Bit Weapon - Reset Generation


Final Design for Full Arcade Cabinet - Reset Generation