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SegaSports.com - Website (Dreamcast)

Role: Art Director
Contribution: Did all visual design and UX work.

Design Challenge: DCreate a unique web experience for the SegaSports franchise for the new Dreamcast platform. This design was to be built on top of the existing Sega Dreamcast web experience, but also take on a new look for SegaSports. One of the key challenges of this project was build a web interface for the Dreamcast browser which limited resolution (standard TV, including title safe area) and input via Dreamcast control, instead of a mouse.

SegaSports - Homepage

All the SegaSports games for the Dreamcast would have an online features, nearly all with multiplayer, which was unheard of at the time, so each game would have access to the SegaSports web experience from the Dreamcast console, allowing players to issue challenges, view rankings, enter tournaments and learn more about the other SegaSports games.

SegaSports - Games

Research data showed the user general bought more than one SegaSports game so a key feature of the site was to learn about other SegaSports titles as well as to keep the user coming back for info about games currently in development. This was back in an area of dial up access speeds so have insight into game development was nearly unheard of at the time. 

SegaSports - Challenges

Since SegaSports titles were some of the first games to have online multiplayer, a whole new system for player challenges had to be created, including a web interface for issuing and receiving them. 

SegaSports - Tournaments

To help grow the Sega Dreamcast community regularly scheduled tournaments were held and run by our community managers. Players could sign up for an check their standings in all open tournaments.

The SegaSports site would later under go a major redesign, making the site far easier to update and become a much more timely place for news and events as the overall pace for internet development and information increased. See SegaSports redesign project.


SegaNet - Poster

Role: Art Director
Contribution: All visual design work

Design Challenge: Create compeling marketing posters and magazine ads for Sega's new gaming ISP - SegaNet. These ads need to promote the brand new ISP (the first of it's kind), the new games available to play and emphasis the multiplayer aspect of the ISP. 

Wanna Play? Poster for SegaNet

As one of the few designers with a background in traditional print I was called on to design a series of posters and magazine ads that would run as part of the first marketing campaign for SegaNet. This ad and others I designed would eventually be run in gamer magazines, as well large format posters used at E3 and GDC.


Sega.com B2B - Website

Role: Art Director
Contribution: All visual design, UX and flash development work

Design Challenge: Design a website for Sega’s new business to business unit that would be simple and clean, but still showcase the polished marketing websites the Sega.com web team had become known for.


Sega.com B2B - Homepage

The design was an exercise in minimalism, as I had done many an over-the-top game marketing flash site before. I still chose to use Flash for this site, but only because I felt I could use movement as a didactic tool to help users learn to use the site better. Unfortunately still imagery here does not do this concept justice.


Sega.com B2B - SNAP Section
The site was broken down into three main zones, main nav, sub nav main image area and main content/text area. The IA for the site was fairly straight forward and was able to accomplish everything the site needed to do with these four zones.

Sega.com B2B - Sega Mobile Section
The one drawback that this website created, was that at the time, Flash skills were not common place among junior designers, so when the site was ready to be put into maintenance mode, it was hard to find a designer who was junior enough, but also competent enough in Flash to make minor updates. Of course these seems silly today with the pool of talent knowing Flash.

Sega.com B2B - Sega.com Section