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Virtua Fighter 4 - Website

Role: Art Director
Contribution: All visual design, UX and flash development work

Design Challenge: Create an international (translated in 11 languages) marketing site for the new Virtua Fighter 4 game franchise that showed off the new characters, stages and fighting styles. Even though this site was designed in 2002, over 8 years ago, it is still in use today - www.virtua-fighter-4.com


Virtua Fighter 4 - Intro

Clearly dated by todays standards of web design, this site, like many at the time contains the now ultra annoying "Skip Intro" button, but at the time, motion graphics on the web was something to actually sit through and enjoy.


 Virtua Fighter 4 - Home

The website's landing page was intentionally sparse to create maximum visual space for the game art and not add any additional elements to detract from rich character art. The site was divided intro three core areas - Characters, Fighting Styles and Stages, since each Fighter had a unique style, and a specific stage. The user could then cross navigate these areas, for example learning about a specific fighting style - Vale Tudo, would lead the user to Vanessa, where they would learn she fights on the Harbor stage.


 Virtua Fighter 4 - Character (Akira)

Virtua Fighter 4 - Stage (Temple)

The art direction and style established here would go on to be used in the follow up game the franchise - Virtua Fight 4 Evo and also used in print and other ad campaigns. The site was very well received by the notoriously picky AM2 development team, headed by the well known game designer Yu Suzuki.