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War Commander

Role: Executive Producer (supporting)

Contribution: Once I joined KIXEYE, (it was actually called Casual Collective at the time), I was set up to learn the ropes of Free to Play by supporting Dave Scott, who was then starting work on War Commander. My role was that of a Product Manager / Project Manager.

Design Challenge: Follow up KIXEYE’s successful Battle Pirates with another RTS game that pushes the genre further adding in individual unit control and synchronous battles.

Funny story, the artist who did this used my head as reference. At the time War Commander had just started development and the team was just Dave Scott, another engineer and myself. The plan at the time was to get War Commander out in a few months which I quickly realized was not going to happen. One of my favorite moments was when I asked to read the GDD for War Commander and was told there wasn't one, nor a concept doc. In fact there were no words what-so-ever written down documenting the game. I knew instantly what my first job was.

The main thing I focused on in those early days was process. Though KIXEYE had made two great products in Back Yard Monsters and Battle Pirates, they were not set up to be able to repeat those successes. I started off by documenting everything, getting the whole company to move over to Google Docs. Then went to task building their first specification templates, which they still use today. Next was implementing Scrum on Back Yard Monsters and War Commander. Lastly I established proper UX discipline, making sure we did wire frames and user testing as well as data driven development. 

I had the good fortune to help get War Commander started on the right track and got to enjoy seeing the new people hired to the team build upon this foundation, making War Commander another great success for KIXEYE. Only thing better than that was seeing the new best practices take hold and watch those once learning become the teachers.